Barbara is an experienced, intuitive practitioner who pays attention to your needs and helps you move forward in achieving your personal goals.  She is an effective and personable practitioner and has helped me on my personal path!  I always feel rejuvenated, hopeful and satisfied at the end of my session and have made great progress in moving forward!

S. D.

Barbara is masterful and graceful in her role as an EFT practitioner.  With her support through EFT I was able to navigate some of the most challenging experiences in my life and come through them with a renewed sense of hope, calm, and freedom.  I highly recommend a series of sessions with her as they definitely build momentum each time.  Thank you Barbara- you are 10 stars in my eyes

P. D.

Barbara is a professional and gifted wellness practitioner!  We have done one on one sessions with fantastic and lasting results!  P.A.G.

J. N.

I've had several EFT/tapping sessions with Barbara, and they have been really valuable in clearing blocks to move forward in my life.  Barbara was very positive and supportive while being very skilled at keeping me focused on the issue.  I definitely recommend Barbara and her work!

H. M.

For many years, I've had an intense terror of going outside at night,  Since I have a dog, I have to take him out every  night about 11:30 before I go to bed and as I approached the door each night, I would start to hyperventilate.  My heart pounded when I pulled open the door as I was sure there was someone out there waiting to attack me.  It was irrational but no matter what I tried, I was unable to heal this old trauma, Barbara and I had an EFT session.  We went through the EFT process and by the end of the session, I felt calmer, more confident and less fearful when thinking about taking my dog outside.  That night I was able to open the door with no fear, hyperventilation, or panic.  That was the first time in years that I didn't experience pure terror.  What a blessing that was.  Barbara is calm and capable; able to lead you through the process without judgement, not matter what the issue.  I would highly recommend her for therapy on ANY emotional issue.


Barbara's native intelligence, wide experience of life, and perceptiveness all play a part in her excellent skills as a coach and EFT counselor.  I am blessed to have her help.