EFT  educator and practitioner, Barbara Karas, will teach you how to use EFT in your own life right away.  Barbara gives introductory and intermediate workshops and classes in EFT and also sees clients privately.  EFT sessions can be done remotely by phone or Skype as well as in person.

Trained by EFT experts Lisa Rogers, certified EFT practitioner/trainer/mentor 


Jondi Whitis Certified Master Trainer of Trainers, AAMET Intl. & EFT-Universe


I believe that the emotional freedom techniques are one of the best self healing tools available today. By tapping on and clearing traumatic memories and limiting beliefs, we can realize our fullest potential no matter what happened in the past. We can replace negative self talk and repetitive loops of guilt, blame, fear, loneliness and resentment with new thoughts of our own choosing. We can create the life we want and deserve. 

It is my job as an EFT practitioner is to help people uncover and release what holds them back from a ‘happy’ life. This does not necessarily require dredging up every gory detail of past events. The client is in control of what we tap on. I supply the verbal guidance and encouragement in the process. Sessions are precisely tailored to the needs of each client and a small homework task is provided. Motivated clients can easily learn to tap for themselves in between sessions. I also point out the best resources from the plethora of tapping materials and videos available online.


I know EFT works because I have experienced its benefits myself and seen it work in others. Founded on the ancient Chinese Meridian system and sometimes called “emotional acupuncture without needles” it is increasingly backed by science and new research. EEG tests before and after tapping show how brain function becomes less chaotic with application of EFT. Tapping on, or simply touching the acupressure points calms the amygdala, or emotional center of the brain where memory, decision making, and fight, flight or freeze reactions occur. With persistence we can discharge the disturbances in our mind-body and become more calm and relaxed. 

Brain research has proven that we can learn to think “better” thoughts and respond differently to situations that would have triggered negative behaviors or fear reactions in the past. With EFT we can zero in on specific uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or memories and permanently transform the way we respond. We are no longer slaves to our fears, phobias, or feelings of being overwhelmed and under supported. We learn to trust ourselves and our decisions and become emotionally free. It is my goal to assist people in this process. 


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